Searching for my next horse, I saw Jill posting a comment on a FB discussion about yearling sales and prices. I decided to reach out to see if she had anything that might fit the bill. I am SO GLAD I did! I was terrified of buying another horse with all the scammers and liars out there, but Jill is the real deal. She provided me with every video angle I asked for, photos, and detailed information about the horses of hers I was interested in. So when I decided to make the leap and come see one in person (with an 8 hour+ drive one way to do so), I felt confident I would not be disappointed.

It was a long voyage, with an 8 hour drive up, a visit to her farm, a horse show circuit in between then a trip back to her farm where she rolled out the red carpet and let me lay over for 2 nights with my current show partner, Justin, while I had a vet check done on Zayne, now known as TJ. It worked out really well for TJ to get to know Justin, as TJ had never been on a trailer but walked right on after Justin.

I feel so blessed to have purchased from her TJ Simply Vital, who has now officially and most appropriately had his registered name changed to TJ The Magnificent! TJ is a black QH yearling by Vitalized who is stunning to look at and is so kind, quiet and willing. TJ is super friendly and just fun to be around — a perfect personality fit for me, a DIYer that loves working with young ones and building a bond.

I love that Jill is very interested in TJ’s progress and adventures and I look forward to keeping in touch. She’s a small breeder with real quality prospects. I’d purchase another horse from her in a heart beat.

~ Kat Draughon - Southern Indiana

I met Jill a couple of years ago at a horse show; we were stalled next to each other. She had one of her yearlings with her and he was so quiet! I started following her on Facebook and loved seeing all the babies.

Unexpectedly this past spring I found myself looking for a new show partner. Noble Hills Farm came to mind so I looked up their website to see what they had available and of course they had a few that caught my eye. I contacted Jill and she invited us down to look at her prospects. Jill and Todd were so welcoming and honest. We decided on TJ Major Attraction, aka Major, a 2021 gelding out of Daisy Rayann and by Certainly A Vision.

Major has been everything Jill said he was and then some. He is the sweetest, quietest 2 year old. Jill does an amazing job at exposing her babies to everything! I have a friend that’s a colt starter whose been putting time on him and he was blown away at what a nice easygoing colt he is. He’s said a few times “someone has definitely done their homework with this guy.” And I say “it’s all Jill!”

Whenever I’ve reached out to her about anything she is very quick to respond and has been so honest! That’s so refreshing. I also appreciate the “baby book” she sends with her babies. Thank you so much Jill for everything! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Major, Avery (his future lead line/walk trotter) and myself! ❤️

~ Holly Gordon, Lakeview, Michigan

Our journey with Noble Hills began somewhat unknowingly as we purchased a young gelding “second hand” who had been one of the Noble Hills Farm offspring (TJ UR Code or Mine, aka “Johnny”). We loved him immediately for his willing and gentle spirit. We were also very impressed by the professional and thorough information with which he was passed on to us… including all veterinary records, training records, and even his “baby pictures” that were so fun for us to see!

I reached out to Jill with several questions about Johnny after we acquired him, and she was always quick-to-respond and helpful. She was genuinely interested in how he was doing, and how we were doing with him. We knew that when the time came to expand our herd, we would definitely consider Jill as a trustworthy source!

Fast forward to this past spring: the time had come for us to make the decision to expand by bringing in a “baby” to train ground-up. We watched online as the foals arrived at Noble Hills Farm, as we also asked questions and received honest and complete information about each beautiful prospect. From a distance, we thought we had decided on one, but at Jill’s strong suggestion and invitation, we made the trip (4 hours) to go and visit and play with the babies in order to make the best-informed decision. This visit confirmed Jill’s honesty/transparency, as all things lined up just as she had described to us! Our choice, after visiting, was changed to “Revlon”, as we knew that her extremely quiet and gentle disposition was the best fit for our growing family farm, with many little “future riders” coming up! The foals were ALL beautiful and sweet, but she was “the one” for us!!!

After having her with us for several weeks now, we could not be happier with the choice that we made. This was an important investment for the future of our family, and our “Revlon” is just the perfect and sweet fit for us.

We are very happy to support Noble Hills Farm with our business, as Jill has proven to be of “noble character”, both in her business dealings, and also in her genuine love for the horses and the families to whom they go. We very highly recommend Noble Hills Farm!

~ The Huber & Patterson families, Elma, NY

What an incredible breeder! Noble Hills Farm, LLC is first class all the way. Not only do they breed outstanding prospects, but the care and attention put into their program is top notch.

Purchasing a yearling sight unseen can be such a risk. After months of searching, I found RL Sweet On Blue through Noble Hill’s Facebook page. From start to finish Jill made me feel confident in the entire experience and was a pleasure to work with. From the moment Miss P arrived she immediately became the barn favorite. Every day she impresses me with how good minded and well behaved she is. I can say without a doubt Noble Hill’s Farm is 100% invested in their stock and is raising their babies right.

As a side note: the “baby book” Jill has on each of her horses should be industry standard. What an amazing experience this has been. Thank you, Jill for everything. Miss P and I cannot wait to make you proud!

~ Jessica Hawkins, Chico, CA

At the end of the summer of 2020, we were looking for a new horse for my daughter. Our trainer came across TJ I Got This (Gibson). The description of him was everything we were looking for. Unfortunately, in the horse industry, what you see is not always what you get. Nobles Hills Farm is the exception! Everything we were told and seen was 100% accurate with our boy, Gibson! From the first visit to their farm, Todd and Jill made us feel right at home. Jill answered all of our questions and was always quick to respond to our messages that we sent. Jill still checks in on Gibson regularly. Their horses are more than a sale to them. The transaction of purchasing Gibson was seamless too. I highly recommend using Noble Hills Farm if you are looking to add a great horse to add to your family! You definitely will not be disappointed!

~ Christine Fields Liberty Center, OH

We had absolutely great experience with Noble Hills Farm from very beginning. We bought an amazing colt from them to Europe. Over unexpected small transactions delay from USA to Europe , Noble Hills Farm was very cooperative and highly professional. All process with paperwork and having horse ready for transport was professionally prepared without any problems. We highly recommend the services of Noble Hills Farm. Thank you Jill one more time.


We had been looking for over a year for a young prospect with a natural self-carriage and grace. We were out at Noble Hills Farm looking at all of the prospects; we immediately said "wow" and couldn’t take our eyes off of TJ All That Jazz, "Jazz". We knew immediately that she was the one for which we have been searching for for so long. And Jill's way of business practice is so honest, fair, straight forward and friendly. She puts the absolute best care into her business and her horses and was helpful along the way with much information. This was undeniably the right prospect, the right purchase and a wonderful breeder from which to consider prospects. She provided excellent customized care and attention to detail. After such a long search, we are blessed to have found just what we were looking for! Thanks Jill and Noble Hills Farms!

~ Amy Alhassan, Michigan

I first saw TJ Rock My World “Bella” as a weanling and I fell in love! I asked Jill a year ago to purchase Bella and a very disappointing no she wasn’t for sale! So when The Rock tragically passed away I knew I had to ask Jill again to purchase Bella! After a few phone calls Jill finally said yes and the rest is history! Bella is now in Montana we love her! Bella is the most gentle natured horse I have ever been around! TJ Rock My World is very well named she rocks our world, and I believe Bella will rock it right to the winners circle everywhere she goes!

 ~ Sonya Miller ~ Montana

I purchased “TJ Awe Fudge” or “Gecko” from Jill about a month ago. She was amazing to work with. When we drove up to get Gecko, Jill and her husband Todd were nice enough to accommodate us for the night and serve us breakfast in the morning, before we left with my new horse to go home. They have a beautiful place and are amazingly honest people. With Gecko being so far away, it’s always hard to make sure they are good horses. Jill was always so honest and answered all my questions and there is no doubt in my mind that the treatment she gives her horses and the love she gives them is phenomenal. Not to mention that when I saw his pedigree, I fell even more in love with Gecko. Not only did he have a mind, which is getting harder to find, but he also had great conformation, movement, and a great pedigree. You can tell that she really thinks out these crossings and wants to produce the best horses, not only mentally but physically as well. The amount of work she puts into these horses is amazing! Jill is by far the best person that I have bought from ever. Gecko came with a whole binder of all his records! I came home and showed everyone before I showed them the horse. I showed this binder first because it’s so kind of her and also amazing that I can look back before I owned him and see where his journey began, before I knew him. Gecko is so so sweet and loving and I am proud to say I own him and that I bought him from Noble Hills Farm.

Forever Grateful
~ Alexis Ravellette ~ Southern Indiana

When I decided to purchase a new show prospect Noble Hills was the first breeder that came to mind. I knew they had a world champion quality breeding program. I had watched their prospects perform well at the Michigan Quarter Horse Futurity for several years and always admired how well their young horses adjusted to the show.

Jill and Todd are honest and true to their word, they have nothing to hide. When I went to look at their show prospects weanlings and yearlings, they made me feel welcome and at home. Not only did they show me all their show prospects, they also introduced me to the broodmares. It was evident how much time they spent with all their horses.

When I made the decision to purchase TJ Code of Honor, “Stirling”, the process was flawless. I loved the fact that Jill had a notebook documenting Stirling’s life. It included baby pictures, vaccinations, dewormings, hoof trimmings, registration papers and futurity eligibility paperwork. There was no question in my mind that this filly was taken care of and cared about from the day she was born.

Upon arriving at my home, Stirling did have a bit of adjusting to do, she left her weanling friends and came to a barn with two aged horses. She adjusted quickly. Everything Jill said about “Stirling” when I looked at her was true. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for TJ Code of Honor and me. I know it will be a fun ride and I will keep Jill and Todd informed of our successes and I know they will be watching us every chance they get.

~ Helen Mayer of Fenwick, Michigan

I purchased “TJ Can U Repeat That” from Todd & Jill in Sept 2018. Jill was absolutely fantastic to work with! She answered all and any questions that I had about Libby before I purchased her. She provided lots of pictures and videos to me and was very honest about all her answers. Honesty in the horse world is hard to come by! Jill even kept me updated on Libby, as it was a month before I could make the long trip to go pick her up. When I got to Jill & Todd’s farm, they welcomed me with warm smiles, an exceptional facility, and exceptionally well cared for horses. You can tell the love and thought that they put into their horses – from the bloodlines all the way to the handling and training. Libby was everything that Jill said she would be!! I would highly recommend anyone looking to purchase a horse – to purchase one from Noble Hills Farm.

~ Kasey Nathe, Minnesota

My experience with Noble Hills Farm was nothing short of fantastic. Jill and Todd are a rare sort of breeder as they so clearly put in time and effort with their horses and program; from their process of selecting a stallion to working with their young prospects. The decision to purchase 'TJ Kruz Control' was a big commitment, as he is the the first horse I have purchased myself as an amateur. However, the decision was made easier by the fact that Noble Hills is so great to deal with. They provided all the necessary information concerning my horse and were very accommodating to schedule a time to visit. I cannot say enough about this farm, their program, and the people behind it. I highly recommend taking the time to check out their prospects if you are in the market!

~ Hannah More - Quebec, Canada

 It was January of 2016 when my family and I ran into a predicament. Our mare, that we were planning on breeding that spring, unexpectedly passed away. After the dust settled, I contacted Jill, who is a family friend, wondering if she knew of any broodmares available. She contacted me to let me know that she had the perfect mare in mind and that she was at her farm. My family and I went to take a peek and of course knew that she was going to be a great fit for us (we needed a very quiet, kid friendly mare as I have 2 daughters). Mac was due to have a foal in the next few months so she stayed with the Finley’s until her filly was weaned. During that duration, they went above and beyond as they worked on getting Mac bred to the stallion of our choice. Thanks to them, not only did we get our wonderful mare Mac, we also ended up with an amazing little filly by Its A Southern Thing.

~ The Nichols Family - Ada, Michigan

We purchased a beautiful weanling colt, TJ on the Rocks, from Noble Hills Farm shortly after he was born in March 2016. We kept him with Jill for approximately a year to allow him to mature before shipping him from Michigan to North Dakota. Jill was absolutely wonderful to work with. She treated our colt like her own, and frequently sent me pictures and updates. When the horse arrived, it was clear he had been well cared for and handled frequently. He arrived in excellent shape and loves people! He was curious, but also extremely well mannered for a yearling who had never been in a new environment. Jill also sent a "baby binder" with all of the information we needed such as vet/farrier work, vaccinations, worming schedule, etc.

Jill is a good and honest person who was a pleasure to do business with. (Unfortunately, this can be difficult to find in the horse industry:). She and her husband run a small, but excellent breeding program. It's clear they put much thought and make educated decisions when choosing who they cross their quality mares with.

In short, I would absolutely buy another horse from Noble Hills Farm and HIGHLY recommend them to anyone looking for a talented, well bred, and good minded young prospect. You will not be disappointed. Thank you so much, Jill!

~ Lacey Armstrong and family-Bismarck, ND

I would to express my appreciation to Jill at Noble Hills Farm LLC. I have had the the easiest buying experience in a long time! The professionalism is superior and the horses complete records were provided to me in a very nice and organized binder. Rarely do you see such meticulous records when you purchase a horse. If you are looking for your next prospect I would recommend looking at Noble Hills Farm LLC. They are a small breeder with today's breeding and care in mind.

~ CMeyer Performance Horses, Granger, IN

We purchased a 3 year old from Todd and Jill last February. There was quite some distance between myself and the horse we were interested in so we were unable to see the mare before purchasing her. We were extremely pleased with how open and honest Jill was. She was very accommodating in helping get “Presley” to us. The mare we purchased was exactly as Jill described and even prettier in person than the videos and pictures showed. Since getting her she has been both well-mannered and a great-minded horse. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Presley in the show pen! Thank you for such a pleasurable buying experience.

~ Tiffany Riehm, Iowa

I am excited to own TJ Heartbreaker (VSCR filly). Jill was so easy to work with from start to finish. Without hesitation, she provided requested information and videos regarding the filly. This filly is gorgeous, well-mannered and trainable. My trainers are extremely complementary of her ground-manners and quiet demeanor. I know Jill's program contributed to her
trainability. The filly arrived in super body condition as well. I look forward to following Jill's upcoming foal crops.

~ Lisa Freeman 12/2016

I want to thank Jill Finley with Noble Hills Farm for making the purchase of TJ Sudden Venture (aka Frankie) a wonderful and memorable experience!

Jill went out of her way to make this horse purchase a lasting impression. She answered all my questions without missing a beat, including tons of photos, by email and on a flash drive! A breeder that truly gets to know her horses in all stages. The vet was quick to comment on the great ground manners this young horse had. Jill also made sure that Frankie travels out to Colorado were only with the best. All of these things and more were true confidence builders in this horse purchase.

Call it what you want, but fate is what I know happened in the purchase of this young Sudden horse.. I am looking forward to building another bond with another great minded all around show horse! A partner and new friend.

Happy New Year to all and to a very blessed New Year in 2017!

~ Amanda Wooten and Family, Castle Rock, CO

 I feel extremely fortunate to have purchased my weanling from such a reputable breeder as the Finleys, who are extremely dedicated to their horses and clients! Noble Hills Farm is a beautiful, facility, which is driven by the welfare of their horses. I felt like a kid in a candy store walking thru the herd of quiet, content mares and foals; all of which have some of the best bloodlines in the industry. Jill literally spent hours with us discussing each of the horses. Once I did choose my colt, they worked with me 110 percent and even delivered my colt to the trainers. I received a binder with all of my colts’ info since birth and tons of professional looking photos. They are truly great people!

~ Rhonda Elrod, Brimley, MI

My girls and I purchased our first baby from Noble Hills Farm. The experience was fantastic! We purchased “Sparky” without actually meeting him. Jill spent a lot of time talking with us, sending pictures and answering a ton of questions. She has to be one of the most caring and upfront individuals I have met in the horse business. When my girls and I met “Sparky” he was everything she had said he would be and even more. He exceeded all of our expectations. It was very apparent from the moment we met him that Jill had spent many, many hours with our baby. He is the most well-mannered yearling I have seen. She kept impeccable records on him. I was impressed with her professionalism, but more impressed with her kind heart, honesty and the love she has for all her horses. We have had “Sparky” for a week now and are totally in love with him. It is without hesitation that I highly recommend that you purchase your next horse from Noble Hills Farm.

~ The Bianchi Family, Hilton, NY

When I arrived at Noble Hills Farm I was delighted to see such a quaint clean facility. Todd and Jill were very welcoming and professional and their barn was well kept, organized and clean. She talked about her love of breeding, about the bloodlines and about their farm, which then I knew that she had her heart into their program. As she showed us the weanlings and yearlings, I could tell that they had been handled often and and loved on. When I saw Ellen, it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. She was exactly what I was looking for - beautiful, kind and athletic, with great breeding. I feel like I have won the lotto with her and couldn't be happier! Thank You for producing such a great little mare!

Forever grateful
~ Leslie Grinage, MI

I am so grateful to the Finley family for my beautiful Hot Ones Only Paint filly. I waited ten years to buy a horse after retiring my youth show gelding and couldn't be happier with the family I decided to become a part of. Yes, when you buy a horse from the Finleys, you become a part of the family. I live across the country from Noble Hills Farm and was a bit apprehensive about purchasing a horse that I was unable to see personally. However, Jill was more than willing to answer all my questions, provide me with videos and photos, and she was welcoming to my friend who came to the farm to see my filly before I committed to purchase. I did not take this process lightly as I'd been waiting for a filly like this for over fifteen years. The Finleys gave me everything I was looking for in my dream horse: mind, color, movement, and bloodlines. In fact, I was so touched by the process that I named my filly Finley. Purchasing a horse can be an expensive and trying process, but if you are interested in a baby from Noble Hills Farm, take it from me, you're in the best of hands. I can't wait to fulfill all of my horsey dreams with my Finley and look forward to staying in touch with the family that is her namesake!

~ Megan Rechberg, Anaheim, CA

My daughter purchased her very first baby with mine and her dad’s approval from the Finley family this past summer 2013. I don’t think we could have found a more caring family then what the Finley’s are when it comes to the care and placement of their foals. They were very warm and welcoming to us when we arrived and gave us a tour of their beautiful farm and horses. Jill provided us with an organized folder of records to take home, has stayed in contact with us since bringing Cobain home and even came to visit him. He’s a wonderful gentle colt that got a wonderful start with a great family and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a horse.

~ Gayle Schneider-Castalia, Ohio

My husband and I recently purchased our first baby from Noble Hills Farms. This experience has been nothing but positive and heart warming for me. Not only did I purchase a baby that was exactly what I had hoped for, we also made some life long friends with the Finleys. We purchased this foal sight unseen and when we finally met her, she was exactly as she had been described to us by Jill. When we picked up “Janis”, we not only received a warm welcome from the Finley family, we also received a notebook with information in it from the time she was born, which included worming, farrier, and vet visits. This was a very positive experience and we would recommend Noble Hills Farm to anyone that is looking to purchase a horse.

~ Cindy & Chuck Fletcher, Circleville, OH

I have purchased 3 horses from Noble Hills Farm since 2007. Not only have I gotten great horses, but a lasting friendship with the Finley family. They have visited and stayed with my family, and have in turn, opened their home to mine. They are truly a family that believes in staying in touch long after the sale and building lasting relationships. They care about where their horses go and the families that purchase them.

~ Kelly Adams – Vail, CO

In the fall of 2011 I purchased a yearling from Noble Hills Farm. Working with Jill is great as she is a horseman that knows her horses. I chose her yearling because of the program she has in place for her youngsters and her questioning of me to make sure I was a right for her yearling. She was not just making a sale, but finding the home that would allow the yearling to fulfill her potential.
Shelby arrived as described and is just like Jill informed me she would be. Shippers enjoyed her and she settled in like an old pro. Her training is easy and she has been the most enjoyable 2 year old I have started or ridden. I am on the list for a half sister, as Jill's horses are as described and have a great start making them a nice addition to any barn.

~ Denise Turner - Moses Lake, WA

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